The programme from the first Stockcar meeting in Australia
Harold Barnes and the first Stockcar built in Australia, the # 3 1937 SV Ford V8.
The list of starters and results of the first Stockcar race in Australia.
Winner of the first Stockcar race, Ray Revell in # 1 a 1934 Ford coupe.
Ray Revell accompanied by a young lady passenger in # 1.
Adrian "Beau" Guest in his 1940 Ford Sedan # 14
Famous Motor Cycle road racer, Jack Ehret had a drive in Stockies in the early days in this 1937 Ford Sedan.
Neville Wills in the Bass Hill Spares 1934 Plymouth was a consistent runner.
Fred Johnson from Woolongong in his 1940 Ford sedan was a big charger. Photo on the right is when they pulled Fred's car out of the safety fence in front of the Members Stand. He went right through it ! The fence was timber planks in those days.
The one and only Jack "Gelignite" Murray in car 20, a 1936 Ford Sedans gets tangled up with Rocky Black in a 1942 ford Coupe.
Three big names here.! #5 Speedcar legend, Andy McGavin in a 1939 Hudson Sedan, # 21 Solo Champion Noel Thorley in a 1936 Oldsmobile Coupe and #15 Jack Ehret in a 1937 Ford sedan on the back straight in front of the old Coronation Stand.
Reg "Basher" Laming gets towed off in his 1938 Ford sedan # 25.
Bill "Curl the Mo" Reynolds in #23. a 1934 Ford Coupe puts Adrian "Beau" guest in # 14, a 1940 Ford sedan into the Bull Pens while Ern Meagher in # 30 a 1936 Ford Coupe and Rocky Black in # 35 a 1942 Ford Coupe slip past.
Reynolds in 23 still has Guest pinned down in 14 while Noel Thorley in 21 gets through on the inside.
Guest on the left and Reynolds against the fence supervise the salvage operation.
The start of one of the most spectacular Stock Car crashes ever seen at the Royale. # 3 Phil Davis in the Harold Barnes 1937 Chevrolet Ute runs outside #5 Andy McGavin in the 1939 Hudson
Davis and Mc Gavin have a confrontation.
Out of the blue comes Neville Sheppeard in car 31 the 1936 Ford Coupe, rolls Davis and flatens the ute.
A bewildered Harold Barnes sits in what was the tray of his ute. Phil Davis says. "Geez!" "What happened ?"
What's left of # 3 gets hooked up and towed away.
It's 1960 at the Royale and Ralph Ellis in the 1936 Ford Coupe # 2 slips underneath an airborne Ray Coleman in the 1937 Oldsmobile # 122 while George Polley in the 1936 Ford charges through on the infield.
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