A race between competitors from the three Main Speedway tracks in Sydney, The Showground, Windsor and Westmead. This took place at the Royale on January the 28th 1956.
Won by Morrie Selke in car 101, Stan Brazier, father of Steve and Grandfather of Garry came 2nd, who was in car 75?
The Ladies Stock Car Championship of 1955. The race was run at the Royale on Saturday the 3rd December 1955 and was won by Edna Wells in car 3 and as there were the usual "ring ins" we don't know who came 2nd or 3rd. Do you know?
The 1957 Worlds Stockcar Championship was held at the Royale on Saturday 2nd February 1957. One of the special starters was the then current World Stockcar champion Polish driver, Jerzy Wojtowicz ( surname pronounced Vootaiviss). He was an ex World War II fighter pilot who had won the Polish equivalent of the V.C and also won the Cross of Valor with two bars. He then became a bomber pilot with the famous International Squadron.  Jerzy was also an International Soccer player. This race was won by Keith Leggatt, the then current Australian title holder, in car 57 a 1938 Ford. Another starter was lady driver Edna Wells, also note Johnny Stewart in car 73.
One for you in NZ, Gavin.
Stock car racing ruled at the Sydney Showground in the mid to late fifties and promoters imported a five man New Zealand team to run the gauntlet against the highly fancied locals.  Kiwi skipper Garth Souness ( 1) and Johnny Riley (2) led the massacre after electing to run lightweight cars and big block engines. The Riley car (2) had a Chrysler Fire Power Hemi engine and went on race in NZ up until 1968. The test matches attracted turn away audiences.