Programmes No.s 3 and 5  courtesy of the Howard Burrows Collection.
"Thanks Howard."
The ROYAL, in it's first season of operation.
Conducted by Johnny Hoskins
Meeting No. 3
These programmes are shown for historic purposes only and are not for sale.
As the Royal was a third of a mile, it was 3 laps to the mile, so these records on the left ( for 2 miles ) were for 6 laps.
If you have any early ( 1926 to 1934 ) Royal programmes and you can e mail me the cover I will put them on this page of           SPEEDWAY ROYALE.
thank you... Brian.
More to covers as they come to hand.
Thanks to Rob Steep for this cover.
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Meeting No. 5
Has any one got  No 1 programme ?

I'd love to see it.!